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Roscher Youth Development Centre is a non profit organisation formed in 2002 as Young Politicians Union (YPU). But later it changed its name to the current one by the idea of the former German Ambassador Peter Woeste.   Roscher Youth Development Centre was very much supported by the German Embassy in Malawi. The Ambassador got the idea to support the youth in Rumphi. He advocated the initiative of a youth centre in Rumphi, where the youth can come together, learn together, and enjoy together. And he got the idea to give the youth centre the Name of the first German geograph and explorer Albrecht Roscher (1836–1860) (German). The Embassy spend the money for raising the youth centre. Many thanks to the Ambassador Peter Woerste. Since 2002 we are supporting young Malawians to get into a better life. And we do this voluntary.


Roscher Youth Development Centre main partners are German Support Malawi Heidelberg e.V. foundation, the German Embassy Lilongwe office, German sharing-caring e.V. foundation, district council, Ministry of Youth and traditional leaders. Through the partnership with Support Malawi Heidelberg e.V. foundation, we were able to built and renovate schools, built teacher’s houses, trained referees and football coaches, trained the youth in earth-bag house construction, offer life skills training to girls and donate hospital supplies to Rumphi district hospital.

Currently and ongoing the centre is

  • carrying out programs to get youth in employable vocational skill where tailoring skills is offered to young vulnerable mothers that have nowhere to go after becoming victims of early marriages and early pregnancies and
  • providing computer lessons for young people and students to get the right skills for a successful future job and/or education
  • running a restaurant and lodge houses to earn own financing base for own projects
  • running a orphanage
  • building a big chicken farm outside Rumphi in order to generate money to support poor parents in paying their children's fee for secondary school or university.


For well educated, health, well trained, cultured vibrant and productive youth.


Creating a conducive environment for young people for personal and national development.


Participation and program implementation .No discrimination, promotion and sensitization of HIV prevention - and now COVID-19.


The spirit of self reliance ,patriotism and volunteerism. Promotion of self development and education.